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introducing the plan

We all are valuable. We are all capable. We all have visions of what the world could be.

We figure it's time to start bringing those pieces together to do something about it.

Time For the World is a project of the Dane County Time Bank that seeks to create tools and bring people together in order to empower us to create communities and economies that value everyone. Timebanking has the potential to be a powerful economic bootstrapping tool.

Time For the World is an effort to design, prototype, test, evaluate and actively share tools and knowledge about community practice and to bring these systems to scale by promoting their replication in communities worldwide.

Somewhere within the economic and social crises that surround us are the seeds to a different world. We believe that as all those seeds are discovered they should be spread wildly so that anyone can experiment and grow things from them. We need your help to make this happen. Read more in our project givens.

All of our communities could be better. Figuring out what to do, and how to do it, can be difficult. If we look around we can discover that people all over are trying cool, interesting, and groundbreaking experiments to solve problems in their communities. We shouldn't need to scour networks to find those people and their projects, though.

What if we had a place to communicate between communities our current community experiments or those which we would like to try? What if we had ways of reaching out to others in our communities in order to raise awareness and investment in our projects? What if we had radically inclusive ways of figuring out the types of projects to experiment with in the first place? What if we had tools to assess the value of our experiments so that we could build them better for our communities?

What if our efforts weren't just for our block or neighborhood but for everyone?

Build For the World is a system for running value-generating community experiments in an open, accessible, and radically inclusive way. It's a way of learning from others' efforts so that all of us can do better. It's about recognizing that this world is what we choose to make it, and that all of us individually and together have the ability and the responsibility to make it better.

BuildFTW is the primary focus of the project right now, and it's how we believe we can make strong and significant contributions to our world. All of us. Together. is gradually developing. You can register, post projects, and begin documenting project process now. With time we intend to develop more functionality such as ways to identify problems to be resolved, suggest new project ideas to resolve them, and interest and investment before launching projects.

Some things are made out of steel and wood. Some things are made out of 0s and 1s. All of it is important.

Programmers, coders, designers, and hackers regularly do awesome. They have been at the forefront of movements to make our world more open and accessible to everyone. We believe that awesomeness can be pushed even further.

Code For the World is like buildFTW, but geared towards coders, their communities, and the types of skills, assets, problems, and goals that drive them. We all are trying to make the world a better place. If you do so by writing code, this will be your place to get involved

What if we were able to create strong value chains between different communities of practice to offer incentive, reward, and recognition for our individual and composite efforts? What if we were able to signal out needs and assets across communities to create open, accessible, and meaningful ways of filling in the gaps that keep us from acheiving our goals? CodeFTW is one important part of that puzzle.

Sure, many economists tell us that things are only valuable if they're scarce, but we know that's a bunch of hooey. Knowledge grows when it is shared. So what might happen if we tried to make all our sharable resources as abundant as possible?

Share For the World is our way of sharing everything created through Time For the World. Share what? Documents. Handout templates. Marketing materials. Media. Data. Code. Designs. Teaching materials. Anything.

Everything we create will be shared. Everything created by others through the project will be shared. It will be available with a Creative Commons-Attribution, Share Alike license so you can grab materials, transform them as necessary, and use them for whatever you need. You just need to share those transformations back with us. It's part of the deal. It's also what can make everything all of us does just that much more awesome.

We know the importance of learning. We know the value in teaching. We have tons of knowledge. What if we started sharing that openly and broadly? 

There are already platforms being developed for different types of learning. There are also neighborhood skill shares and similar events. Teach For the World is an effort to extend those and draw attention to the possibilities for learning that exist around us. It's not a place to conduct classes. Instead, it's a way to draw attention to opportunities to learn.

Planning to hold a workshop at a conference and want to get people interested in it? Holding a skill share in your community? Starting a class on p2pu? Want to be listed as a trainer? Tell us about it and reach out to people who may be interested.

Engaging in teachFTW will also make your materials accessible through shareFTW. We build value through access and abundance. We as teachers are excited to see how our ideas can be as transformative as they can be transformed. If we want to create a better world, it will be through through teaching and sharing.

Everything we do is valuable, and that value needs to be recognized. Timebanking focuses primarily on the time we share, but, of course, time alone doesn't build a better world. We want to acknowldege and track all contributions and have ways of sharing information about who does what.

Bank For the World plays that role. It's not a bank in the way we think of them today. It's more like a river bank. It holds records and helps guide efforts. It helps eveyone show what they've contributed, and it helps us remember that every contribution matters.

BankFTW won't be used to do trades. There are other tools for that. Instead, bankFTW is our way of mapping out needs, assets, and contributions. It's our catalogue of interests and goals. It's a record of our communities and the potential that lies within. It's a way to realize just how much awesomeness lies around us. Once we have that figured out, just think what could happen when we bring those bits together.

We're just a few people who are trying to make something big. We can't do it alone.

We don't just want your help, though. We want to help you, too.

Timebanking starts with the idea of coproduction. It is focused on exchanges of value. We shouldn't need to secure dollars, euros, Ithaca Hours, Chiemgauers, or any other particular currency to make this happen. Of course, if you wish to help out by providing that type of resource we are grateful and recognize our debt.

However, we want to demonstrate that a lack of easily translatable resources like dollars in no way delimits the range of that which we are capable. Contributions of many varieties are not only welcomed but encouraged. If you want to help code, let us know. If you tell friends and colleagues about us, let us know. If you start using the tools we are developing and distributing, let us know. You'll be part of the very critical testing and evaluation process as we move through alpha, beta, and official release modes. We want to be able to track and communicate outward everyone's contributions to let everyone else know the value everyone creates and is capable of creating in the future. We want to build local and broad community awareness so we can leverage up all of our assets. 

So if you care to help, let us know. We will track, report, and seek to provide a return on all contributions.